Civil Litigation

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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation | Rubinstein & Associates, P.A - Miami Dade County

Are you owed money or involved with another incident that isn't crime related? If so, you need a civil litigation attorney in Dade County, FL. When you work our lawyers at Rubinstein & Associates, P.A, we will provide you with the experience and knowledge to bring your lawsuit to a close quickly and efficiently. We always work diligently with your best interests in mind because our goal is to win your case and get you the assets you are seeking. We will represent you in every stage of the civil litigation process from investigation, witness interviews, and discovery, through to litigation and appeals.

A civil litigation takes place before the formal trial. Papers are filed, and then both parties involved dispute the case. This is known as pleadings. When we represent you, the plaintiff, we will gather all the necessary information like factual and legal data about your case and make sure we are well prepared to go against the judge and defense. Once in court, this is where our lawyers with years of experience and professionalism battle to win your case. We know from experience that case preparation plays an important role in court.

Our knowledge of procedural law will ensure that you are guided delicately throughout the entire case. We have very well-established oral advocacy skills which will ensure that your plea is heard with clear facts that everyone understands. You will have our undivided attention as we determine your needs and goals, then work hard to achieve them. We are flexible enough to tailor our services to your needs, whether in state or federal courts, or in mediation arbitration so you will always have a personalized legal experience.

Some civil litigation cases may involve seeking damages for:
• Professional Malpractice
• Vehicle Expenses
• Medical Expenses
• Labor Law
• Environmental Law
• And More

If you are owed money for damages and need a civil litigation lawyer, get in contact with us today!

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