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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law | Rubinstein & Associates, P.A - Miami Dade County

Rubinstein & Associates, P.A.'s law practice involves all facets of real estate - structuring deals, land acquisitions, zoning and planning, financing of real estate transactions of any nature, leasing, landlord and tenant disputes, as well as litigation arising out of virtually any type of real estate venture. Our Attorneys counsel developers and lenders, large and small, on the myriad legal issues confronted by clients in today's regulatory and business environment, from the formation of a development entity through the sale, syndication, workout or restructuring of a real estate transaction.

Our Firms real estate clients have included local, regional and national developers, including the State of Florida, Landstar Homes, Coral Reef Shopping Center, as well as financial institutions such as SunTrust Banks, Mellon United National Bank, Plus International Bank, insurance companies, receivers and property managers.

Our Attorneys have represented clients on zoning applications in municipalities, both at an administrative level and on appeal. They have also served as counsel for developers on many multifamily housing projects financed through taxable and tax-exempt bond issues, often employing unique and complicated financing techniques.

If you work in real estate, you know the field is constantly evolving and that laws and guidelines are modified from time to time. You also know that there are a lot of small details that have to be worked out perfectly to ensure a smooth transaction. Whether you are a real estate professional or an individual buying or selling real estate, our real estate law attorneys are here to help you every step of the way. Our individualized services ensure that all your needs are met and that every detail is worked out specifically per the law.

Our firm can help you with everything from minor tenant and landlord issues to more complex problems, such as purchasing commercial properly. Our real estate law experts know exactly what it takes to get the job done according to the terms of the law. Never hesitate to ask questions or request more information. We want to make sure that you understand every step of the process. Our real estate law services are very comprehensive and include things, such as:

• Financing and leasing
• Partnerships and joint ventures
• Property law for both commercial and residential properties
• Exchanges and acquisitions
• Real estate sales
• International real estate
• Land use regulations
• Real estate development

Visit Rubinstein & Associates in Miami-Dade County, FL today to learn more about how we can help you. We ensure a high level of confidentiality and you can be confident that you will be given the most recent information as it pertains to real estate law. Our attorneys are here to serve you and make sure you have everything you need to navigate the complicated waters of modern real estate. We'll ensure that you always have an expert to help you.

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